February 2023

We are very excited to announced we will be opening our first studio early in 2023! We currently running a crowdfunder where you can pre-purchase sessions ready to use when it opens. If you'l like to support please follow this link.

Where is the Studio?

The studio will be in the old bank, just outside Crofton Park station, Lewisham. The space is a large open plan 82 square meters, with lots of windows for natural day light. 

What will be on offer?

We will be offering group classes of up to 16 people as well as private individual or group personal training sessions. All classes will be designed and delivered with Mindfit's signature mind/ happiness focussed approach and will include: strength, strength and conditioning (cardio), conditioning (cardio), boxing, pilates and yoga. There will also be "open gym" sessions where you can book in and do your own independent work out, with coaches on hand to support if needed. 

What will the Timetable look like?

The timetable will start with around 4/5 classes per day starting early in the morning before work, lunch times and evenings. There will also be off peak classes during the day for those of you working from home or on mat/pat leave. Babies welcome! Weekends will also be busy with classes in the morning and throughout the day. The timetable will be finalised closer to opening! 

What equipment and facilities will there be?

Regarding exercise equipment, there will be squat racks, barbells, plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, boxing bags, gloves and pads, skipping ropes, plyo boxes, medicine balls, mats and more. As for facilities, there will be 1 accessible bathroom, 1 bathroom with a shower, a coffee bar, coffee machine, fridge and storage for coats and belongings. The studio will also be fully air conditioned.

How much will classes be?

Classes will range from £12.50 to £15 per class depending on the type of membership bought. Full details of class and PT prices will be released closer to opening!

What else will the studio offer?

We aim to become a community hub for all things mental health and exercise related. This means putting on special events, offering free classes for charities supporting the most vulnerable in our community, as well as talking groups for mental health that everyone is welcome to.