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Private one to one or small group training sessions.

Develop a healthy and long lasting relationship with exercise by focusing on the immediate mood enhancing, energising and uplifting qualities of exercise. Allow weight loss and muscular gain to become by-products of a more enjoyable and unpressurised way to exercise.



Lift weights and raise your heart rate. 

Get your feel-good hormones pumping with cardiovascular training and feel more resilient by building your strength. Sessions are designed based on your mobility, rehabilitation and psychological needs using a variety of training modalities including barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight exercises and much more. 


Hit hard, feel powerful.

Focus your mind as you learn a new skill, work up a sweat and relieve stress. As well as great cardiovascular, core and upper body training, boxing can improve self-confidence and assertiveness. It's also just plain good fun. Pad work, defences and footwork can be done for a whole 60 minutes or incorporated with strength and conditioning.

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