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Personal Training

Private one to one or small group training sessions.

Develop a healthy and long lasting relationship with exercise by focusing on the immediate mood enhancing, energising and uplifting qualities of exercise. Allow weight loss and muscular gain to become by-products of a more enjoyable and unpressurised way to exercise.

Personal training 

At MINDFIT we offer 121 personal training sessions tailored to your personal needs, preferences and schedule. Personal training is great way to enrich your exercise journey, gain confidence in the gym, focus on specific injury pre and rehabilitation, or simply learn something new! We offer sessions in a range of areas including strength and conditioning, boxing, yoga and pilates. 

strength and conditioning personal training

Strength and conditioning

Lift weights and raise your heart rate.

a boxing glove


Hit hard, feel powerful.

photo of a pilates or yoga class

Pilates and Yoga

Relax and realign.

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