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Corporate training

Personal training at your workplace

MINDFIT classes and personal training sessions are a great way to support individuals as well as increase social connectedness in your organisation.​

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Corporate wellbeing

MINDFIT is experienced at providing accessible, mental health and community focused exercise sessions in the work place. Our corporate clients benefit from huge improvements in employee well-being, stress and social cohesion.  


If you feel your place of work or company could benefit from MINDFITs unique approach to fitness, put us in touch with your company. Our service is easily adaptable depending on your available space and equipment.


mindfit corporate training class


We have been working with Mindfit for three years now and it is safe to say that Kiki and the team have become an integral part of the wellbeing and happiness of our employees. The sessions are extremely well considered, professional and delivered in a reassuring way that enables both gym pros & complete gym newbies alike to feel confident to join and gain a lot from them. The sessions are incredibly popular, it’s often joked that signing up for class is like trying to get Glastonbury tickets. We couldn’t be happier with the service we receive and we couldn’t recommend enough!

Get in touch about corporate training

Thanks for submitting your enquiry. A member of the Mindfit team will get back to you shortly.

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