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About us

We champion exercise as a transformative tool for mental health and happiness.

exterior photo of the mindfit studio

The studio

MINDFIT studio in Crofton Park, Brockley

Our studio is an inclusive, fun and friendly environment, giving everyone the chance to experience the benefits of exercise. 

The studio is located in the old Barclays bank in Crofton Park.

You can find out more about our journey here

Meet the team



Kiki is the founder and owner of MINDFIT. A lover of all types of sport and exercise, especially football, boxing and CrossFit, Kiki’s main aim is for you to have fun, learn something new and leave class with a smile on your face.

danny - a mindfit trainer


Danny is a personal trainer, Pre&Post natal qualified and a BCP Pilates Instructor. "I believe exercise should be fun and engaging - life is stressful enough! I love helping people find their own relationship with movement, and it brings me joy when clients gain confidence, find release from the day to day, and get stronger mentally and physically."

joke - a mindfit trainer


Joké (Jo-Kay) is a professional boxer. He primarily started boxing for the extra fitness, but soon became addicted!  "I often tell people that boxing is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done (harder than getting my degree 😆). It has calmed me & built my confidence exponentially. Boxing develops and strengthens many aspects of our world - Mental health, discipline, confidence to name a few. For this, I will always be an advocate for boxing"

beth - a mindfit trainer


Beth teaches pilates. Her journey into Pilates began when her physio prescribed it as part of rehab following a series of fractures, and a consequent diagnosis of osteoporosis. "I loved the method, the control and strength, and the mind-body connection it provided so much I later trained to be a teacher, switching from my 10-year desk-based role of a national journalist. My Pilates teaching style strongly adheres to Joseph Pilates' key principles of alignment, breathing and centring, with lesson plans tailored to the needs of my clients.  I love my job and feel proud to be a part of Mindfit's Brockley team."

flick - a mindfit trainer


Flick has loads of experience under her belt in CrossFit, marathon running, triathlons, boxing and much more! Most of all she is brilliant as she is passionate about sharing how great exercise can be for improving overall quality of life and mental health with others.

asa - a mindfit trainer


Asa has been a boxing coach for the past four years.  "I discovered amazing benefits from boxing and my journey, then evolved into becoming a Level 2 England boxing coach which I thoroughly enjoy. The aim of my sessions are to help people get active and for them to feel great afterwards."

lauren - a mindfit trainer


Lauren is a yoga teacher from Brockley. "I’ve been practicing yoga since my late teens, and love various styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. I am a firm believer in practicing yoga for both mental and physical wellbeing and find it a perfect complement to other forms of training. Aside from yoga I love travel, photography, reading, strength training, and above all my three cats"

paula - a mindfit trainer


Seasoned marathon runner turned strength and conditioning enthusiast Paula, recently has taken up coaching and enjoys sharing her passion and experience with others, especially older adults and those who feel like exercise isn’t for them.

zoe - a mindfit trainer


Zoë found boxing in her 20s, a sport that has now become her main training focus as she compete at an amateur level. "The technical side of boxing requires you to focus 100%, meaning you can walk into the gym after a bad day and walk out with a totally clear head. These aspects of boxing and strength training are something I’m keen to pass on to clients who train with me, especially anyone who hasn’t found that one ‘thing’ that makes them really enjoy exercise yet."

danny - a mindfit trainer


Danny Ryan is a level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 personal trainer. "I believe that exercise is not just about the body but is very much about the mind and how you feel. Its a great way to fight depression and to always challenge yourself. Fitness helped me with anxiety and also keeps my mind still. I was a professional dancer for over a decade so body movement is something that I'm passionate about. So to come into the fitness industry wasn't a second thought."


Find out more about the MINDFIT studio, our classes and personal training in our frequently asked questions.

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