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Mindfit offers group exercise classes and personal training sessions designed to support your mental and physical wellbeing. Welcoming all fitness levels, we champion exercise as a transformative tool for health as well as an enjoyable, positive and socially connected experience that goes beyond aesthetics.


"During my late teens, exercise saved me from severe mental health difficulties and changed my life forever. With the help of exercise I not only recovered but became stronger and happier than before. It continues to be pillar of my wellbeing and a key source of resilience and fulfilment. As a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and MSc Mental Health graduate, I founded Mindfit with the sole aim to help others use exercise to benefit their life too." 

Kiki Bustos, Founder


Many studies have now found a strong link between regular exercise and reduced likelihood of depression and reduced severity of symptoms. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Exercise has been found effective at treating the symptoms of a wide range mental illnesses from anxiety to psychotic disorders. Not only can it help when your chips are down, but exercise creates a whole plethora of cognitive and emotional changes such as improved attention, concentration, energy, self-esteem, confidence and happiness. The intensity and frequency of exercise needed for these benefits are much lower than the mainstream fitness industry has lead us to believe. So forget the guilt, pressure and feelings of inadequacy and be in charge of your workouts with Mindfit. 



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